Hitech  International  Enterprises (Canada)  Inc. 

Sinobusiness  -Your Reliable Networks in China

SinoBusiness, the department of Hitech International Enterprises (Canada) Inc., helps the clients to gain best access to China opportunities. Through our extensive, reliable networks in China, high quality , low price advantages are guaranteed.

1 Sourcing services

- Suppliers search, identification and background check

- Negotiation for contact

- Production follow-up, inspection on final product

-  Logistics proceeding including export and transportation

2 Consulting services

- Technical service: Our design team can help you to turn your concepts to products in every step. 3D model making,drawing check, formal drawing making, prototype making, mold design and fabricating supervising and sample faults cause analysis, Chinese standard and material recommendation, mold flow computer analysis for plastic part, FEM strength analysis, and even part structure and profile designing

-     Expert assistance with Chinese governmental policy and regulation

-    Business setup services (wholly owned or joint verture)

-   Professional cross-cultural communication and management support

- China business site selection

As a consulting role, we are your own sourcing, engineering, quality management, and logistics representatives in China. If you want to set up a factory of your own in China, we can help you to find suitable area and workshop in China.

Tel: (514)885-3286  

 Email: slei@hitechca.com; hecmold@hotmail.com

630 Abbott, Montreal, Quebec, Canada